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Community Learning and Skills (CLS) is part of Kent County Council (KCC). Our main function is to provide learning opportunities for adults, young people and families across Kent in order to meet their aspirations for improved work skills, better personal development, strong families and healthy creative lives.


Map with people

We engage with local communities throughout Kent to provide educational services which match the needs of local communities based on levels of prosperity, employment and priorities. CLS aims to ensure that our services provides learning appropriate to the needs of individuals and families at various stages in their lives.




We are funded via a range of annually awarded Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) contracts plus fee income when adults enrol on certain courses.

Our purpose is to provide learning and personal development opportunities for adults, young people and families. We actively promote learning throughout life in support of economic growth and prosperity, to help adults adapt to the ever-changing world of work, enjoy life and make a positive contribution to the community.