Learner Charter

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Each year we publish a Learner Charter which sets out learner entitlements and responsibilities which promotes our values on learners’ personal development, behaviour and welfare. Learners are supported and guided to develop approaches that will help them to meet their full potential and succeed in their learning programmes.



We find that adopting the correct attitude towards learning impacts positively on the progress, achievement and future success of our learners which is why we write a two-way contract.

On our side of the bargain we design programmes which provide challenging and gainful learning and work experience opportunities. By utilising an open learning culture which emphasises collaboration we motivate our learners and work to limit bullying and prejudice.

Learner Entitlements

As a learner with CLS you will be entitled to:

  • Respect at all times.
  • The right to be and feel safe at all times.
  • The right to be treated fairly and learn in a place that is free from discrimination, harassment or bullying.
  • Fair and prompt action by our staff to deal with any discriminatory incident.
  • A safe and pleasant learning environment with good facilities and appropriate resources for your course of study.
  • Clear and accessible communication with us.
  • Full and accurate information about our courses, including any entry requirements, the content and level of the course and what you can expect to learn.
  • Clear information on how much you will have to pay, any additional costs you can expect and what financial help you may be entitled to.
  • An individual learning plan that will enable you to chart your progress and achievements.
  • Help and support with any special learning requirements you may have.
  • A response to your particular requirements if you tell us about a disability.
  • Experienced and well-trained tutors, teaching to CLS quality standards in line with Ofsted requirements.
  • Prompt and constructive assessment on your progress throughout your course.
  • Impartial information and advice on your next steps in learning.
  • Notification of any changes to your class or programme to be given as quickly as possible.  Confidentiality of your personal records in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  • The opportunity to give feedback on your course or training.
  • The opportunity to be involved in the development of our services.
  • Complaints to be handled quickly and sympathetically

Learner Responsibilities

As a learner with CLS you will be expected to:

  • Behave in a way that respects the needs of all others to teach, learn and work.
  • Behave in a way that does not put yourself or others in danger and follow our Health and Safety, Equality and Diversify, Safeguarding and Prevent regulations.
  • Avoid any language or behaviour that others may find unkind, discriminatory or offensive.
  • Respect the property of KCC, of staff and of other learners.
  • Help us keep our buildings and equipment clean, tidy and safe and use our resources efficiently.
  • Pay all course fees, examination fees and other advertised charges on time.
  • Tell us if you have a disability that may affect your learning or using any of our services.
  • Attend classes or training regularly and notify us if you are unable to attend. *
  • Be on time, as lateness can disrupt the learning of others. *
  • Study to the best of your ability, participate as requested in learning activities and hand in set work on time. *
  • Complete all forms and other paperwork required by CLS and government funding agencies.
  • Participate in course feedback and review.
  • Inform us of your views of our services including any suggestions for improvements.

*We shall always make reasonable adjustments to these requirements if regular attendance and/or handing work in on time is difficult due to a disability

What do you think?

  • What you think is important to us.
  • We promise to deal with any complaints quickly.
  • We will listen to you and try to make things better.
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