Cookies and Your Rights

This website does use cookies as part of its standard website functionality. However, it does not use cookies to store personal data on your computer.

The use of cookies on this website extends to:

  • If you have logged in to the website we use cookies to remember that you are logged in as you move around the website.
  • Remembering the look and feel that you may have selected as part of our Accessibility policy.
  • We also use Google Analytics on this website and this also uses cookies as part of its data collection processes. This data is not of a personal nature and does not record anything about you specifically. Further information about this can be found on Google’s Analytics website.
  • Under the latest Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (Amendment Regulations 2011) you have the right to not allow cookies on a website. If you do not wish to let this site use cookies then you can change your security and cookie settings within your browser.