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Kent Adult Education

Kent Adult Education provides an extensive, vibrant, diverse and challenging programme of courses which meet the varied needs and interests of Kent's communities.

All courses are taught by subject experts with appropriate teaching skills

Our courses are designed to enhance well-being and foster a love for learning by providing high-quality opportunities to discover and develop interests which enrich quality of life.

We work closely with partner organisations and local communities to help us devise and develop learning opportunities which are accessible in terms of price, location and timing.

We also offer courses designed specifically for:

Families - Family courses are informative, practical and fun offering opportunities for parents, carers and their children to enjoy quality time learning new skills, rediscovering some older ones and building confidence.

Disadvantaged Areas - The programmes are offered in communities across Kent with the highest levels of socio-economic disadvantage and runs in partnership with schools, children's centres, housing associations and other community groups.

Some courses are designed specifically to help parents and carers support their child at school, focusing particularly on English language and Maths, helping parents understand and have confidence about teaching methods in school.

Non-English Speakers - Some courses are designed for learners whose first language is not English. They support both adults and children in developing their skills and confidence in using English language with practical sessions focused around the family and community activity.

Courses help parents and carers to improve their own skills and can lead adults to accreditation in Maths and English as well as to explore other opportunities for learning, volunteering and paid employment.